February 23, 2009

Nonexistent Trust

Nonexistent Trust
©2009, CL.

Have or place confidence in, expect with assurance, place in the care of another, grant discretion confidently. Reliance, dependence, faith.... 

Such a disposable word for the one with the huge wall inside. The wall it's not letting you pass. Still crossed all obstacles, all law, and got to the place told hardest to be.

The future of faith in one word but there simply is no belief. There's nothing in me for you to care for, there's no confidence in you as my trustee. The lesson was to not believe, not in your words or phrases to come.

I rely on the actions but your actions of past have me looking down on you. Turn it around, make it a difference. Have it be virtuousness, an imminence of the exception.


"...para Franz el amor significa la permanente espera de un ataque."
- La insoportable levedad del ser, Milan Kundera. 


zoroastro144 said...

=)en los hechos no en las palabras jajaja rajado!!! didía teus

zoroastro144 said...

diría :P