October 20, 2008

10 out of 10

10 out of 10

This is life. My history would say that those who are
wanting, expecting and trying everything different 
will soon be finding exactly the same or worst things.  
So here comes the time to go back to old tricks.
If worst comes to worst, statistics say...
10 out of 10 people will be deceased.

*Maybe I'm wrong*


Herberth said...
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Herberth said...

10 of 10 people who are alive where born too, just wanting to state the obvious. Life is what happens between my statistic and yours. History is for books, the past does not equal the future.
I say, go back to your old tricks if that is going to make you feel better, but PLEASE never forget what you really want, expect, and in my humble opinion, really deserve.